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Limeberry PHP Framework

The new Fast & Light way of coding web applications...
Welcome to Limeberry Framework. Limeberry is an excellent but straightforward application development framework. Limeberry aims to help you in your coding process by speeding up development with ready to use libraries that require minimal configuration.

Download Limeberry Framework v2.1.0 Documentation (for: v2.1.0)

Why to Limeberry

Some great features you may love.

MVC Architecture

You can develop your applications with MVC architecture.

Database Class

A simple database class to manage your records with fewer lines of code.

Template Engine

A template engine to speed up your coding process.

Easy Configurations

There is no need to waste time with configurations.

Modular Structure

Extending Limeberry's core code is extremely easy. Libraries work independently from each other. All you have to do is write your code under the namespace you want.


A simple console application to manage all components of your project.

Area Support

Divide your big projects to areas and manage them easily. Limeberry Supports areas both in Controllers and Views.


Limeberry contains great helper classes that helps you to create multi language apps.

Other Features

Pagination Class, Query Builders,Areas Logs etc... Explore all key features of framework by clicking button below.

Download Limeberry Framework

Made to be simple.

Creating a new project using limeberry php framework is extremely easy.

Download Using Composer

Run the following composer command and create a project with the latest version of Limeberry PHP Framework
composer create-project limeberry/limeberry

Download from GitHub

If you do not have composer installed on your computer you can download your favorite version from github repository. Click Here to view all releases of Limeberry PHP Framework

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